Mission Committee Agenda

June 4 @ 7pm



Prayer & Devotions


Determine support from Boese's retirement on June 30th


Will & Sarah Miron

Heidi Lindgren

Glenn & Lynn Boese's retirement mission (letter was in your church mail box)

Other options

(Quarterly business meeting is July 28th)


Rock County Fair

- Book: "More than a Carpenter" - giving out to church body on June 9th with instructions

Label in each book

Courtesy of First Baptist Church

P.O. Box 975 - 1033 N Jackson

Luverne, MN . 56156

(507) 283-4091


- People sign poster if they have been involved in Awana at FBC  

- Water request

- People to work the booth

- Ice Chest's

- Del?

- Cheryl?

- Walt

- Church handout

- Awana handout




Close in prayer