Message: The God of Small Things

Luke 2:1-7

How is the Word of God to be read and heard?

With diligence, preparation, and prayer; so that we may accept it with faith, store it in our hearts, and practice it in our lives.  


2 TIMOTHY 3:16–17. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. 


The Bible is not just another book, and so we ought to approach it in a unique way. The Bible is God-breathed: “All Scripture is breathed out by God” (2 Tim. 3:16). It’s inspired. That doesn’t mean that the Bible is inspiring. Now, it is inspiring. But whether anyone in the world is inspired by the Bible, the Bible is still inspired itself. It’s God’s Word to us. It’s God exhaling, God opening his most hallowed lips and speaking to us. So, this Word is God’s Word, and this Word is exactly what God wanted to be written down in Holy Scriptures.


That means we ought to approach Scripture with a special reverence and with special care. We come to the Bible very carefully. We want to be diligent. We want to be prepared. We want to take it seriously. And we also come to this book with a special reverence, because God is speaking to us. One of the ways to think of submitting to the Word is that we stop telling God what to do. God now speaks to us. 


When we come to the Bible, our aim is not just information. It’s never less than information—we’re not against information. God uses that. But it’s more than just information we’re trying to get from the Bible. We want faith. That’s what God wants: for us to accept the Word with faith, with a real delight, with a desire for it, a dependence upon it. -  Kevin DeYoung 

Thanksgiving Offering

Thank you for giving generously in your Thanksgiving offering.  The total offering was $3,736.10, the final cost of our meal was $2,063.10, so we were able to give Haylee Overvaag a gift of $1,673 toward her mission trip with YWAM to Vietnam.  Thank you for impacting lives with the Gospel.

Union Gospel Mission November Love Gift


The “Love Gift” for the month of November is WINTER HATS & GLOVES for men, women & children.  Please place your gifts in the box provided by the church office.

Decorating FBC for the Christmas Season

We will be decorating First Baptist Church for the Christmas Season Sunday, November 26th, following the morning service.  Pizza & pop will be served (a basket will be provided for donations to help pay for the pizza) and then we will get out the trees, lights and wreaths and start decorating.  We need all ages.  Come and join in the fun!!!


Sunday School Kid's Baked Goods

The Sunday school kids will have baked goods available for a freewill donation on Sunday, December 3rd, before the Sunday school hour.  The freewill donations will go to help Pastor Mex and his family, who are in need of a bike for transportation.  Mark your calendars!

First Baptist Church,

Words cannot express our deepest thanks and appreciation for all you did to make Mom’s funeral so special.  The church meant the world to her.  Your love and care for her over the years means a lot to us.  Thank you for providing the family such a wonderful funeral. 

Love, Arlene’s Family

Christmas Caroling & Christmas Cards

Everyone is invited to participate in Christmas caroling and card delivery at the Mary Jane Brown Home on Sunday, December 3rd.  Kids will make Christmas cards that day during Children’s church that we will deliver to the residents (all ages may go down to make cards).  We need to be at MJB at 2pm, so we will meet at the church at 1:45pm.  Cocoa and treats will be served at the church afterwards.  Please let Danae Meinerts (605-351-3607) know if you have any scrapbooking/card making supplies that you would be willing to let us use.

December Events

December 3rd, Before Sunday School – Sunday School Kids Baked Goods available for Freewill Donation to help Pastor Mex and his family in Zambia get a bike for transportation.

December 3rd, 1:45pm – Christmas Caroling & Card delivery at the Mary Jane Brown Home

December 10th, 3-6pm – Pastor Walt & Beryl’s Christmas Open House at First Baptist Church

December 16th, 10-11:00am – Sunday School Christmas Program Practice (pre-school does not need to attend).

December 17th, 6pm – Sunday School Christmas Program


December 19th, 7pm – Ladies Christmas Tea